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This assessment requires the voices and expertise of many stakeholders, including New Yorkers from every geographic region of the state; urban, suburban, rural, and tribal communities; numerous economic sectors; and the full spectrum of New York’s racial, ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic groups.

With coordination help from NYSERDA and its contractors, several teams are working in concert to develop the assessment:


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NYSERDA’s Environmental Research Program aims to increase the understanding and awareness of the environmental and public health impacts of energy choices and emerging energy options, and provide a scientific foundation for creating effective and equitable energy-related environmental policies and resource management practices. The work of this assessment will provide the latest scientific understanding of probable climate change-related impacts to empower informed decisions around climate resiliency and preparedness.

Who Is Doing the Work?

NYSERDA has assembled a team of New York-based and national climate science experts and representatives from diverse communities and constituencies from across New York to collaborate on building the assessment. A team of NYSERDA contractors is providing technical modeling, administrative coordination, and facilitation support.